All services listed here are performed by Kara Hanks, Licensed Master Esthetician



Lashes and Brows

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

Let our master esthetician carefully place semi-permanent dye on your lashes and/or brows to give them a fuller, more defined look even without makeup on! Results last 3-5 weeks. 

Eyelash Tinting…..$15
Eyebrow Tinting…..$12


Eyelash Extensions

Individual lashes are placed on each eyelash to create a full, long-lash look without the hassle of applying falsies or mascara daily. To maintain a full appearance, it is recommended that you schedule a fill-in every 2-3 weeks. 

Partial synthetic application…..$100
Full-set synthetic application…..$125
2 week fill-in…..$50
3 week fill-in…..$75
4 week fill-in…..$100
Partial Mink application…..$150
Full-set Mink application…..$175
2 week fill-in…..$75
3 week fill-in…..$100
4 week fill-in…..$125
Sanitas Facials
Signature European Facial (50 min)….. $65
Skin type- all
Relax and nourish your skin. Facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation with steam, massage, nutrient-rich mask, and hydration.
Blemish-B-Gone (50 min)….. $65
Skin type- oily/blemished skin
This is a deep cleansing, oil/sebum production balancing, exfoliating and skin softening facial. Tea tree mask tightenss pores, helps eliminate and fight blemish-causing bacteria, heals skin, and controls breakouts.
Hydrating Facial (50 min)….. $65
Skin type- dry/sensitive
Nourish and plump up dehydrated and lackluster skin. Ideal for those with dehydrated skin and skin with the appearance of fine lines.

Pumpkin Anti-Aging Facial (50 min)….. $85
Skin type- all
Enjoy the aroma of pumpkin while improving dull, aging skin. Ideal for those with maturing skin or those wanting to prevent signs of aging.
Hyperpigmentation Facial (50 min)….. $85
Skin type- all
Helps to reduce the visibility of sun damage, age spots, and skin discoloration. Ideal for those with uneven skin tone.
Rosacea/Couperose Facial (50 min)….. $70
Skin type- all
Great for those suffering with rosacea. Helps reduce redness and helps reduce the long term affect from rosacea.

Mini Facial (30 min)….. $35
Skin type- all
Our lunchtime facial cleanses, exfoliates, moisturizes, and nourishes your skin. In addition to this facial, you will get a relaxing arm and hand massage.
Sanitas Back Treatment (50 min)….. $70
Good for back acne and to clear up your skin on your back. Also good for those just wanting a relaxing experience




Repechage Facials

Hydra 4 Facial (45 min)….. $62
This facial treatment was specially designed to balance, soothe, and protect while helping to decrease skin sensitivity. Olive oil and olive leaf extracts provide superior anti-oxidant protection while nourishing seaweed retrains the skin to be less sensitive and builds resistance to external factors.
European Facial (1 Hour)…..$70
Known as a “classic” facial, the European facial cleanses, tones, and moisturizes skin to soothe and prevent free-radical damage. Massage is incorporated with deep cleansing to help hydrate and purify combination skin.

Hydra Dew or Hydra Refine Facial (1 Hour)….. $75
Balances and repairs the skin barrier to combat fine lines, environmental aggressors, solar irritation, chemical irritation and free-radical damage. Our Hydra Dew facial restores moisture and is ideal for normal to dry skin; if you suffer from oily skin, then the Hydra Refine facial is the one for you.
Hydra Medic Facial (1 Hour)….. $125
This facial is ideal for acne-prone skin; the hydra medic facial purifies and controls breakouts through deep pore cleansing, while maintaining skin moisture balance. Reduces oil from overly active sebaceous glands while soothing and healing lesions. Skin is left renewed and refreshed.
Seaweed Facial (45 min)…..$60
This facial is an express ticket to clean and healthy skin. A soothing massage with revitalizing C-serum followed by a fresh seaweed mask that cools and soothes. This treatment helps hydrate while improving skin tone and clarity.

4 Layer Facial (1 Hour)…..$85
Our premier anti-aging treatment which cosmopolitan UK called “…the best facial of the century…” Experience layer upon layer of pure, fresh European seaweed to rejuvenate, tone and help firm the skin dramatically and long term. Enjoy a cool aqua green seaweed mask followed by a warm and mineral-rich thermal mask. The result: healthier, younger looking skin that is nourished with visible moisture.

10 Step 4 Layer Facial (1 Hour 15 min)…..$90
This facial has all the benefits of the world famous 4 Layer Facial, with an additional European deep pore cleansing and exfoliation to rid the skin of comedones. This anti-aging treatment will leave your skin clean and refreshed.

Biolight Facial (1 Hour 15 min)…..$100
The biolight miracle facial is a multi-dimensional approach to skin brightening and even toning. This treatment is ideal for all skin types that suffer from dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. Natural Daisy and Licorice extracts help interrupt the bio-chemical process that causes hyper-pigmentation. This facial includes a glyco-sea peel.
Vita Cura Facial(1 Hour)…..$102
This is a 5-phase firming facial that provides an instant trigger to younger looking skin. The vitacura treatment is designed to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin with the help of an enzymatic micropeel.
Advanced Services
Chemical Peels
Benefits of a chemical peel:
-Exfoliates dead skin
-Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
-Tightens, tones and smooths skin texture
-Reduces hyper-pigmentation
-Stimulates skin cell activity
Different peels are available for different skin issues and skin types. If you have any questions about which peel would be right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Lactic Acid Peel Mask…..$50
Recommended for:
-dry skin
-sensitive skin
-thin/aging skin
-your first-time peel
Used to soften, stimulate, smooth and exfoliate the skin. Good for all skin types, but especially recommended for dry, sensitive, and/or aging skin. No visible flaking for the top layer of skin will occur which makes the mask an excellent “lunchtime peel”.  This is the perfect peel for those that have never had a peel or to use when beginning a series of peels. This particular mask is safe and effective during pregnancy.
Alpha Peel 20%, 30%, 40%………$60
Recommended for:
-normal skin
-dry skin
-mature skin (fine lines and wrinkles)
-already healthy skin
Glycolic peels are recommended for almost everyone; however they are most effective on normal, dry or mature skin. If your skin is healthy, whether dry or oily, this peel can help you achieve a fresher look. Glycolic acid works particularly well on fine lines and wrinkles. Strengths are graduated to give the skin a more therapeutic treatment. As the percentage of glycolic acid increases, so does the indication of treatment of the skin. The skin becomes stronger and more resilient with each treatment.
Beta Peel 17%…..$70
Recommended for:
-normal skin
-oily skin
-combination skin
-acne-prone skin
-thick skin
-skin with dark spots
Our beta peel has antibacterial properties, dissolves excess sebum and keratin, and helps lighten hyper-pigmentation while improving and helping to speed the healing of acne. This peel has a touch of lavender to soothe the skin and provide aromatherapy during the procedure.
TCA 10% Peel…..$60
Recommended for:
-sensitive/delicate skin
-thin/aging skin
-your first-time peel
This peel is used to soften, smooth, and exfoliate the skin. It tightens and smooths the skins texture, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The TCA peel is ideal for those with sensitive skin that may want a peel a little more powerful than the lactic acid peel.
Jessner’s Peel System…..$100
Recommended for:
-aged skin
-acne-prone skin
-superficial scarring
The Jessner’s peel allows for rapid, deep skin exfoliation; this makes it an ideal treatment for aged, acne-prone, or hyper-pigmented skin. It can also be used to soften superficial scarring. The ingredients in this peel dissolve oil, stimulate and exfoliate the skin tissue, and soften the skin. This peel is available in a single or multi-layer procedure depending on the desired results. 


Mechanical Exfoliation


Microdermabrasion…..$50 per session ($20 as an add-on to any other service)

Microdermabrasion uses a diamond tip for exfoliation to remove the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells from the epidermis. This service pairs well with 

Dermaplaning…..$50 per session ($20 as an add-on to any other service)

Dermaplaning uses a blade to gently scrape off the top layer of dull, dead skin to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. This technique removes impurities, improves skin texture, removes fine facial hair and evens pigmentation through gentle exfoliation. 



Waxing Services
Facial Package (3 areas)…..$35
1/2 Leg…..$37
Full Leg…..$50
Bikini Area…..$35
Brazilian Sphinx…..$75
*prices may vary based on hair growth