• Make-up Application (In Salon) $100
  • Make-up Application (Travel) $125
  • Bridal Make-up Application (In Salon) $100
  • Bridal Make-up Application (Travel) $125
  • Bridal Make-up Trial (In Salon) $100
Travel Fee $150 per makeup artist (up to 30 minutes) *Additional $5 for every minute traveled over 30 minutes

Bridal Styling

  • Bridal Styling (In Salon) $90
  • Bridal Styling (Travel) $120
  • Bridal Styling Trial (In Salon) $65+
  • Bridesmaid/Mother Styling (In Salon) $85
  • Bridesmaid/Mother Styling (Travel) $95

Travel Fee
$150 per stylist/makeup artist (up to 30 minutes) *Additional $5 for every minute traveled over 30 minutes

See Bridal Policies: About Us -> Policies -> Bridal
Call for pricing quote.

*A 50% non-refundable deposit must be placed at time of booking (20% gratuity included) | Bridal Contract Required

Bridal Policies

Classic Manicure

Our classic manicure includes meticulous detailing of nails and cuticles. Enjoy a short relaxing massage with our JoJoba cuticle oil and moisturizing hand cream.

  • Classic Manicure $35
  • Gel $45

LCN Urea Luxury Pedicure

LCN Urea offers optimum care for very dry and sensitive skin. Urea is a compound found naturally in the human body and exists in every healthy cell. When the skin is dry, the natural content of the body’s urea is minimized. As an ingredient in many dermatological skincare products, urea promotes rehydration of the skin — it is unmatched for its hydrating properties. Urea increases water content to the skin for a serious restorative treatment. With outstanding results after one treatment, the LCN Urea foot care line became the number one choice for pedicurists.

  • LCN Urea Luxury Pedicure $85

Facial Enhancement

  • Eyelash Tint $15
  • Eyebrow Tint $17
  • Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint$30
  • Henna Brows (brow wax included)$50

Massage Therapy

Pamper yourself to a healing massage that is custom tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for general relaxation or a more therapeutic touch, our massage therapist has the right recipie to satisfy your massage appetite. Take time to share with your therapist your massage goals and level of pressure you prefer to ensure you receive the perfect massage for you.

De-stress Express

Allow your therapist to use this time to focus on the area you need most. Whether it is neck tension, shoulder stress, or aches and pains in the lower back, your therapist will help you de-stress and get back on your feet before you know it.

  • 30 min $40

Foot Loose

This stimulating, yet soothing, service is solely for the feet. If you love foot massage, or have a foot condition (such as low circulation, plantar fasciaitis, or others), this may be the perfect sole-ution for you.

  • 30min $45

Therapeutic Massage

Enjoy a full body massage experience at the hands of your skilled therapist. During this massage your therapist may focus on one or two areas of tension while incorporating relaxation techniques. Whether your body is craving restful relaxation or pain relief, this massage will provide you time to receive just what you are looking for.

  • 60 min $75
  • 90 min $110
  • 120 min $150

Add-On Services for Massage:

  • Aromatherapy (lavender or peppermint) $10
  • Hot Oil $10
  • Hot Stone $10
  • Choose 2 Add-Ons $18

Chair Massage

Chair massages are a nice escape if you only have a few minutes to relax. During this massage you remain fully clothed and are seated on our special cushioned massage chair. This service can be performed before or after an appointment with your stylist or even while your hair color is processing!

  • 10 min $15
  • 15 min $25
  • 20 min $30



  • Eyebrows $17
  • Lip $12
  • Chin $15
  • Facial Package (eyebrows, lip & chin) $42
  • Underarm $25+
  • Arm $30+
  • Stomach $25
  • Chest $50+
  • Back $50
  • Bikini $40
  • Brazilian $65
  • Half Leg $45
  • Full Leg $65
  • Full Body $325+
  • Eyelash and Brow tint $35


  • Seaweed Facial $75

This facial is an express ticket to clean and healthy skin. A soothing massage with revitalizing C-serum followed by a fresh seaweed mask that cools and soothes. This treatment helps hydrate while improving skin tone and clarity.

  • Hydra 4 Facial $95

This facial treatment was specially designed to balance, soothe, and protect while helping to decrease skin sensitivity. Olive oil and olive leaf extracts provide superior anti-oxidant protection while nourishing seaweed retrains the skin to be less sensitive and builds resistance to external factors.

  • Hydra Dew Facial $100

Restore and preserve moisture long term. Our exclusive natural ingredients re-establish moisture to your skin that becomes so dry. Balances and repairs the skin’s barrier to combat fine lines, environmental aggressors, solar irritation, chemical irritation and free radical damage. Hydra Dew provides Immediate 100% in-depth moisturization and superior anti-oxidant protection. Boost moisture content while combating hyper-pigmentations and wrinkles. Delivers maximum results in a minimum amount of time.

  • 4 Layer Facial $110

The “4 Layer Facial” was named the “best facial of the century” by Cosmopolitan UK. This premier anti-aging treatment provides layer upon layer of pure, fresh European seaweed to rejuvenate, tone, and help firm the skin dramatically and long term. Enjoy a cool aqua green seaweed mask, a warm and mineral-rich thermal mask, and finish with a honey and almond scrub to exfoliate and rid the skin of comedones. The result is healthier, younger-looking skin that is nourished with visible moisture.

  • Hydra Medic Facial $125

This facial is ideal for acne-prone skin; the hydra medic facial purifies and controls breakouts through deep pore cleansing, while maintaining skin moisture balance. Reduces oil from overly active sebaceous glands while soothing and healing lesions. Skin is left renewed and refreshed.

Spa Pedicure

Let the relaxation begin with a hot foot soak into our whirlpool tub, Next, your feet will enjoy a lavish sugar scrub exfoliation, filing, and cuticle care. A soothing moisture mask will be applied, and feet wrapped in warm towels. Followed by a luxurious foot and leg massage and topped off with OPI polish.

  • Spa Pedicure $55
  • Spa Gel Pedicure $65

Express Pedicure

Sink your feet into our whirlpool tub and experience the relaxation that comes from having your feet pampered. This service features exfoliation, callous treatment, toenail and cuticle care, as well as a foot and calf massage. Finish it off with your choice of shiny OPI polish!

  • Express Pedicure $45

OPI Gel/ CND Shellac Manicure

This manicure delivers at least 14 days of flawless wear, superior color and mirror-like shine with zero dry time and no nail damage. This manicure includes meticulous detailing of nails and cuticles, polish application, and a JoJoba oil hand cream massage.

  • OPI Gel / CND Shellac Manicure $45

Nails, Hands and Feet

  • Classic Manicure $35
  • Gel Manicure $47
  • Express Pedicure $47
  • Deluxe Spa Pedicure $57
  • LCN Pedicure $85
  • Paraffin Hand Treatment $12
  • Polish Change $22
  • Nail Art$5+
  • Soak Off OPI Gels $20
  • Gel Spa Pedi $67
  • Gel manicure with Gel Overlay $52

(additional charges for nail additives and designs)

Hair Extensions

We use Hot Heads Tape-In and Babe Hand-Tied and Tape-In extensions. Service time and price varies depending on thickness and texture of natural hair. A consultation is required before service appointment. During the consultation, the client must pay the cost of the extensions before an appointment will be scheduled to apply the extensions. Additional charges apply to color and cut the extensions.

  • Application $350+
  • Re-installation Fee $100

Permanent Waves

Prices do not include cut and blow dry. Charges may vary depending on length and thickness of hair.

  • Traditional $75-$85+
  • Spiral $150+
  • Designer Wraps $85-$95+


  • Awauphi Keratriplex Intense Treatment $25+
  • B3 Bond Builder Treatment $35+
  • Redken Bonding $35+
  • Tea Tree hair and Scalp Treatment $20+
  • Joico Defy Damage Masque Treatment $35+
  • Olaplex Treatment $35+
  • Relaxer – Brazilian Blowout $250+
  • Conditioning Treatment $25+

Color (Without Cut)

  • All Over Color (one color) $85+
  • Root Color (one color) $70+
  • Part-Line Color (one color) $30+
  • Partial Foils (additional charges for multiple colors) $90+
  • Full Foils (additional charges for multiple colors) $150+
  • Cap Highlights/Lowlights $85+
  • Semi-Permanent (P.M. Shines) $65+
  • Color Toner (Clear or Color) $35+
  • Ombre (additional charges depending on natural level of lift reqd) $150+
  • Partial Balayage $100+
  • Full Balayage $150+
  • Men’s Color $45+
  • Men`s grey blending Color $ 47+
  • Men`s Permanent Color $52

*For longer hair, additional charges may apply.*

Styles & Special Occasions

  • Shampoo, Blow Dry, & Style $30+
  • Shampoo & Roller Set $32+
  • Specialty Braids $30+
  • Flat Iron (without shampoo/blow dry) $35+
  • Special Occasion Style/Up-Do $80+


  • Bang Trim $10
  • Helix/Razor Cut *$47-60+
  • Female Haircut (Short / Medium length) $47- $55+
  • Female Haircut (Medium to Long Length) $50-$60+
  • New Guest Female Haircut $47 -$55+
  • Female Dry Cut (one length, not layered)$30
  • Male Haircut $28
  • Male Buzz cut (one guard all over) $20
  • Beard Trim $10
  • Special Occasions $85+


  • up to age 5 $20
  • age 6-12 $30


All prices are estimates and may vary depending on length and/or thickness of hair.

The Helix™ Original Shear is curved and torqued to create conical end treatments into the cut section of hair, changing its structure permanently. The size and amount of natural looking curls are based on the hair’s natural elasticity and chosen styling method.

The professionals with the curved Helix scissors required for this cut are Sandy Reed, Kalyn Ratcliff, Ann Moore, Tammy Booth, and Tracy Burlingame. Sandy Reed has received her Professional Helix Designer certification for her furthered education in this hair design technique.