Massage Therapy

Pamper yourself to a healing massage that is custom tailored to your needs. Whether you are looking for general relaxation or a more therapeutic touch, our massage therapist has the right recipie to satisfy your massage appetite. Take time to share with your therapist your massage goals and level of pressure you prefer to ensure you receive the perfect massage for you.

De-stress Express

Allow your therapist to use this time to focus on the area you need most. Whether it is neck tension, shoulder stress, or aches and pains in the lower back, your therapist will help you de-stress and get back on your feet before you know it.

  • 30 min $40

Foot Loose

This stimulating, yet soothing, service is solely for the feet. If you love foot massage, or have a foot condition (such as low circulation, plantar fasciaitis, or others), this may be the perfect sole-ution for you.

  • 30min $45

Therapeutic Massage

Enjoy a full body massage experience at the hands of your skilled therapist. During this massage your therapist may focus on one or two areas of tension while incorporating relaxation techniques. Whether your body is craving restful relaxation or pain relief, this massage will provide you time to receive just what you are looking for.

  • 60 min $75
  • 90 min $110
  • 120 min $150

Add-On Services for Massage:

  • Aromatherapy (lavender or peppermint) $10
  • Hot Oil $10
  • Hot Stone $10
  • Choose 2 Add-Ons $18

Chair Massage

Chair massages are a nice escape if you only have a few minutes to relax. During this massage you remain fully clothed and are seated on our special cushioned massage chair. This service can be performed before or after an appointment with your stylist or even while your hair color is processing!

  • 10 min $15
  • 15 min $25
  • 20 min $30